Christina Ferrari is the co-founder and managing partner of

Simple Innovative Management Ideas (SIMI) Inc.

and expert Practice Management contributor for Optik magazine.

She can be reached at

Jackie Joachim

Christina Ferrari

Passionate Eyepreneur

Simple Innovative Management Ideas (SIMI Consulting)

Toronto, ON


1.  What is something you plan on implementing in your business arena this year?

Consumers love to have autonomy over their purchases. ECPS need to adopt ecommerce as a part of their sales strategy. We will be introducing an ecommerce solution later in the year called EyeCommerce.

2. What is something you have done in your area of influence to set you/your company apart?

We have developed the first data analytics dashboard for Canadian Optometrist giving them Canadian eye care stats. Simi Analytics is designed to be used in every province, compatible with every EMR and adaptable to any practice specialty.

3. Which speakers/business leaders do you admire?

I am interested in marketing, particularly the art of branding. I think Jeremy Miller is a modern guru.

4. What is your favourite TV show / Netflix series?

“This is Us”. Or the show my 14-year-old mockingly refers to as, “This is Sap”. I love sap.

5. If you had a time machine what year would you travel to and why? 

I want to go back to 2005. I was 29 in 2005. Who doesn’t want to be 29 again?

6. What is currently the most exciting thing in your field to help your customers/ECPs?

I would like to think that SIMI Analytics is the most exciting new tool in the Canadian eyecare industry that can help ECPs with their business. Finally, Canadian ECPs have Canadian benchmarking to compare to and a solution for their practice.