Plan Ahead! If independent practice ownership is on your horizon, you will want to explore all your buying group options.  Karen Ouellette, Digital ECP president, has over 24 years’ experience in the industry and in managing buying groups.  She can help you make the right decision.

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Digital ECP Inc. buying group was created based on a simple and growing need for the independent Canadian eye care professional to be competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Karen Ouellette has partnered with industry suppliers to deliver DIGITAL business solutions to our buying group members that save you time and money.

Digital ECP is a Canadian owned and operated company.

Save Time & Money

Digital ECP deals with all the brands you need to attract new patients. They also provide members with new technologies to help you compete and the marketing tools that grow sales.


Members get a consolidated monthly statement which includes billings, discounts, credits and supplier statements saving hours of administrative and bookkeeping work every month, so you can focus on patient care.

Education Partners

Education is a necessity for your profession and business. Digital ECP Inc. supports industry educators, events and deliver business tools and modules that help you build your knowledge and your business.

Digital ECP has been great for our clinic. Centralizing our purchasing is convenient and helps us manage multiple suppliers. Karen is responsive and helpful whenever we have questions or issues with the vendors. Plus, the discounts are great! We would definitely recommend Digital ECP for any clinic!
–  Tonic Eyecare and Vision Clinic, Toronto, ON

Karen’s buying group, Digital ECP, has not only saved us money, but Karen is always prompt with statements, keeps adding new suppliers, quick to respond to inquiries and a pleasure to work with. Best decision we made was to switch to Digital ECP

–   Robertson Optical and Optometry, Delta BC

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make payment?

Digital ECP Inc. is set up with most major banks as a bill payment company so you can pay online through your bank. You may also pay by Visa/MC (service fee applies).

Do I place my orders through Digital ECP Inc.?

You continue to deal with the companies and the reps for all orders and returns. The way you do business does not change.

Do I pay the suppliers directly?

If you have the suppliers billing through the group you will receive a consolidated statement from Digital ECP Inc. showing all your purchases, credits and terms for the month. You pay Digital ECP Inc. for those purchases.

I have received new product from a supplier, but they have not processed my return.

Call Digital ECP Inc. and the billing will be removed until the credit is processed.

When i return a product to a supplier and do not want to deal with them again, what happens?

The supplier is obligated to issue the credit to your account when you are with the group.  The credit is applied to your account and used towards the balance you owe the group.

If I join a group does the supplier have to sell to me?

The short answer is no. This question is asked most often when accounts want to get well known consumer brands in their locations.

These suppliers are obligated to follow certain criteria when opening high end accounts. They are only allowed to open a specific number in certain areas, your location must be high end, your location must meet all the criteria outlined by the consumer brand in their agreement with the supplier.  It is best to speak with the rep for the brand.

If I am with the group, am I required to buy the minimums the supplier requires?

Yes. If the supplier requires a minimum no group can change that requirement.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership is $150.00 + applicable tax for the year.

Do I have to bill all my suppliers through the group?

You are free to decide which suppliers you wish to bill through the group.

Explore Digital ECP. Visit the website for a full list of authorized suppliers and more membership info.

More Questions? Reach out directly to Digital ECP

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