Host Glen Chiasson speaks with Warren Modlin, founder of and a trained optometrist with 25 years of optical industry experience, about how optometry should be at the forefront of the eye-brain connection and how to make sports vision a rewarding practice differentiator.

About the Guest

Warren Modlin is a trained optometrist with 25 years of optical industry experience. As VP of product strategy for Oakley, Warren helped develop sports vision eyewear for a broad range of sports specific verticals including cycling, golf, baseball and more. He is the founder and CEO of

Episode Notes

NeuroDynamic Vision (NDV) was founded by Optometrist Warren Modlin, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience including eight years at Oakley. NeuroDynamic Vision was created as a resource for eye care professionals to expand their value in a highly competitive market place with retail consolidation, online competition, AI and technology in the area of vision performance for athletes.

In this podcast, Warren explains where to find the latest scientific evidence  and resources on the subject of vision performance. He explains how the techniques used by NeuroDynamic Vision can evaluate concussion protocols and help bring athletes back on the road to wellness.

According to Warren, “The core of what we offer is the understanding that vision goes beyond 20/20.” Optometry is at the forefront of eye-mind-body connection and optimizing human performance.

Warren shares his insights on how Optometrists can bring vision performance into their practice and how to market and manage a practice conducive to athletes. He walks through an athlete’s experience in his practice, from assessment to developing an 8- to 12-week plan for an athlete’s sensory-cognitive training.


Your Podcast Host – Dr. Glen Chiasson

Dr. Glen Chiasson is a 1995 graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Optometry. He owns and manages two practices in Toronto.  In 2009, he co-hosted a podcast produced for colleagues in eye care, the “International Optometry Podcast”. He is a moderator of the Canadian Optometry Group, an email forum for Canadian optometrists. As host of  “Eyes Wide Open”, Glenn  looks forward to exploring new new technologies and services for optometrists. Dr. Chiasson enjoys tennis, hockey, and reading. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.