We had all hoped that 2022 would bring semblance of “normal”. Enter Omicron. 

One cannot help to feel like its 2020 all over again, as the of major international optical trade fairs and corporate events are juggled in attempts to evade the new COVID variant, Omicron.

While the risk of serious COVID disease is reportedly less severe with Omicron, particularly among the fully vaccinated population, related travel uncertainties, testing confusion and quarantine requirements make it very difficult for all the stakeholders, exhibitors, educators, presenters, and attendees to firm up their travel plans.

What optimism there is, results from the observations across the world that the Omicron variant has been “short-lived” – demonstrating a rapid spike followed by a precipitous fall in infections. Let’s hope!

Organizations have responded by moving event dates to later in 2022 and/or deferring events to a date to be chosen later in 2022.

Notably, as of January 10, the largest and most salient North American event, Vision Expo East in New York City, scheduled March 31st is still proceeding according to Reed Exhibits, VEE partners.

Here is an up-to-date status summary of the international events:

Transitions Academy: Postponed
January 16-19 date is deferred – No replacement date as of yet announced.

MIDO – Moved to April from February
MIDO has announced the delay of the venerable Milan Italian Eyewear show from February 12 to April 30.

MIDO says,  “The decision to move the show was motivated by the will to ensure visitors and exhibitors the best business conditions, even in this global pandemic situation.  The new dates represent a profitable period for commercial activities still respecting the ongoing of other international eyewear fairs.”

The new date is, according to the organizers, is a return MIDO to “its origins”.

Opti Munich: Set for May 2022.
In November 2021, opti Munich had already changed their dates from Jan 14-16. The event is  postponed until May 13-15.  No further change in status has been announced so far.

Vision Expo East: New York March 31-April 3
No change in status for this premier North American event.

All systems are still a “go” for VEE. Reed Exhibition has advised Optik Magazine that there are “no plans to detour at this time.”

The Optik Events Calendar provides up to date information on trade show dates. Consult OptikNow.ca  for the latest date changes.