Simple Innnovative Management Ideas (SIMI), a Canadian Optometric consulting firm, has announced the release of SIMI Analytics, a new tool that allows independent optometric practices to help optometrist track their financial performance.  The tool extracts sales data from commonly used EMR software systems and expenses from leading accounting software packages. The data from these sources is displayed in a secure “at-a-glance” dashboard showing the practice Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The tool allows practice owners to easily measure, view and track key financial performance measures.

Christina Ferrari, SIMI President, said, “With this tool, optometrists will be able to track their performance and make effective business decisions in a timely manner.  We noticed early in the conception of our company that optometrists had little time to concentrate of the business side of their practices.  With this tool, we are saving them time and making sure they have access to the information they need to succeed”.

The value of SIMI Analytics is further enhanced through its benchmarking feature, allowing optometric practices to compare their results to those of similar practices. Using demographic practice data including province, number of practicing ODs and practice specialties if applicable, enrolled practices are then able to compare their results with the average of comparable practices. Kelly Hrycusko, managing partner at SIMI, noted, “It’s important to understand where you are excelling – so you can toot your own horn! – and where you might need to improve.”

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