You are at the cusp of a very rewarding career.  You will be faced with financial decisions that have long-term consequences on your ability to meet your professional and personal goals. As a trained Optometrist, I have walked in your shoes. Now, as a Certified Financial Planner®, I can be a valuable adviser as your career and life plan unfolds. Let’s talk.

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Roxanne Arnal, Optometrist and Certified Financial Planner®, provides financial planning services to optometric practices and their families, helping guide them to prudent financial decisions throughout their careers.

Roxanne’s career years prepared her to tackle plans for optometry clients and help them navigate the waters.

Having learnt the hard way, she focuses on providing her clients what was truly missing in her early optometric practice years.

By creating the C3 Process, she takes her clients through an examination of Clarity to develop Confidence that put you a path of Control with Peace, Power and Success in all your financial matters.



How much do you need? Ensuring you understand your money and how to grow it is the key to success. Roxanne works with a team of experts that help to ensure you know what you are invested in and why. Understanding is key to helping you sleep at night.


Ensuring your life’s work doesn’t disappear due to unplanned events. Taking care of your family is key and the foundation to your financial house. Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Health, and Travel. What’s it all about? Roxanne has the knowledge and resources to help you know what insurance you’ll need, what tax strategies to look at, and how to put the plan in place.

Integrated Financial Planning

Using the C3 © Process, we’ll review your goals and set up the plan to take you to a place of Peace, Power and Success! You deserve to have your dreams become a reality in a process that’s easy to understand and that puts you in the driver’s seat. How much do you need? Are you paying too much tax? Is your estate set up to transfer in an efficient manner?


Making smart financial decisions can be the difference between a life of business success and one that requires you constant undivided attention. How does your business life integrate with you personal life? Are you utilizing the best exit strategies and risk planning? How are you taking care of your work family? Are you effectively tax planning with your cash flow?

Roxanne has always been quick to provide her outlook and advice on our many questions, which in turn builds great confidence in what she is doing for us.
– Randy S

Very pleasant to work with! We felt a real personal connection with her. I would recommend Roxanne to anyone who wants a Financial Advisor they can trust!!
– Sean S

“Roxanne is wonderful at looking at the big picture and pointing out the potential opportunities.
Highly recommended” 

– Dr. T. Arieb

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal CFO?

Because we are busy and value professional advice, it has become increasingly important to hire experts. For most of us, it is not feasible to hire a full time Chief Financial Officer for our personal affairs.

As your personal CFO, I connect you, the Chief Executive Officer, with the information you need to drive the direction and success of your wealth management.

Sometimes we use the quarterback analogy: we are here to help make sure everyone is working together as a cohesive team towards your big win.

What if I just want advice on one topic or issue?

As a financial consultant I often provide advice for clients on specific concerns or transactions. These can range from simple term life insurance policies for loan coverage through to assistance with business transitioning. It all starts with a conversation. If your need is something I can personally assist you with, we will discuss the best arrangement. If not, I work with various expert partners to ensure you receive the precise guidance you require.

What is a transition specialist?

Business transitions involve many complexities from both an emotional and financial perspective. As a transition specialist I help you review both the financial side of the transaction and the emotional side. We review questions such as:

  • Does the transaction make sense for your personal cash flow?
  • How do the practice financials support your purchase payments?
  • How does the sale price support your next step dreams? Will you have
    enough and will it last?
  • What are those next step dreams?

According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 75% of business owners profoundly regretted the decision the sell just 12 months after selling (2013). This is a staggering number, that I was a part of, and I don’t want you to become part of that statistic.

To learn more: Check out our brochure on the topic.

Do you specialize in certain types of clients?

As a retired optometrist, I have a special affiliation for my past colleagues. Not only do I understand your language and business, I have been fortunate to have had experience as a self-employed associate, sole owner of a Professional Corporation, partner in a Professional Corporation, and seller of my practice.

I have experienced your pain points and understand the learning curve of making important business decisions such as bringing in associates and partners to an expanding business and ultimately transitioning to my calling.

There is no replacement for the unique blend of life experience and education that I bring to the financial table for doctors. That being said, I do not limit the scope of my business to optometrists, but they certainly are a niche I predominantly work with.

What do the letters behind your name mean?

Financial planners really do have the alphabet soup of letters! Unlike standardization of the OD and BSc in a University setting, there are an unlimited number of educators in the financial landscape, all issuing their own credentials.

The Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) designation has become the Gold Standard of financial planning worldwide. In Canada, the CFP® designation is bestowed upon eligible candidates by FP Canada, after completion of years of study, practical experience, and national examinations. I am proud to have achieved this designation as soon as I was eligible in 2017.

This education, coupled with my previous work experience in optometry, is very much the foundation of my business and recommendations to all my clients.

The Certified Health Insurance Specialist, CHS, designation is bestowed upon eligible recipients by The Institute of Advanced Financial Education in conjunction with Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

Both of these certifications require ongoing continuing education and attestation for fitness to practice annually.

How can I check the licensing and sales credentials of my advisor?

Planners can also be mutual fund advisors. In order to be licensed, there are national examinations to be written. Members in good standing can be reviewed through the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada link to the National Securities Database.*

In addition, every province in Canada has their own insurance licensing body. I originally licensed with the Alberta Insurance Council. In 2021 I become individually licensed in Ontario. Additional provincial registrations may be sought on an as needed basis.

Individuals must be licensed in your jurisdiction in order to sell financial and insurance products to you.

The consulting, referral and planning work I do is not restricted by jurisdiction.

*note: Quebec typically has separate rules when it comes to financial management.

How are you compensated for your services?

The vast majority of my work is done on a fee for service basis, much like your accountant and lawyer.

When appropriate, we may make recommendations to involve specific insurance products. The insurance company pays me a commission for that work.

If I help you place and amange investments, either through mutual funds with my dealer, Portfolio Strategies Corporation, or through referral to my Private Wealth Investment Counsel, VPIC, I am paid a trailing commission as part of that management.

In all cases, compensation is always discussed ahead of time and provided in writing at the beginning of our work and as part of our Letter of Engagement.

Why did your last 3 clients hire you?
  1. To provide financial consulting around a practice purchase and business partnership arrangement.
  2. To instill confidence that their investments are in solid businesses, purchased at correct prices to set them up for success in attaining their retirement goals.
  3. To provide peace of mind knowing they have an appropriate asset protection and risk management plan.
How do you measure success with your clients?
  1. With annual reviews, they are happy with the progress they are making
    towards attaining their goals.
  2. Their business transition was a success and they are feeling confident
    about the next phase of their life.
  3. Clients have peace of mind knowing they have a comprehensive plan
    for asset protection and risk management in place.
  4. Clients pay less tax by utilizing legal tax strategies.
  5. We receive positive reviews and introductions to their family and
What do you love about your job?

People! I’ve always been a curious person and I love learning.

This profession allows me to continue my personal growth and feeds the
number and tax geek in me.

And, I love making a real difference in people’s lives.

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