When it comes to sales, Mani Vaghedi from framedisplays.ca knows how to showcase your products for optimal performance. Speaking at the Vancouver Essilor Alive Summit, Vaghedi suggested focusing on customer service to stand out from big brands and achieve multiple sales.

Vaghedi’s top 4 tips to sell through spectacular customer service:

  1. Showcase your customer service and differentiate yourself by focusing on your practices’ personal touch. Check your exam list as customers enter the store and greet them by name. Go the extra mile and ask if it’s OK to take a picture of a patient. You can add their photo to their file so your staff can easily recognize them at their next visit. Focus on your customer service to stand out from these big brands, this creates loyal customers who are happy to come back.
  1. Displays matter! Create a boutique experience by using attractive glasses trays with your customers. The plain grey trays that are used in the lab are fine for internal use, but while you’re with a patient give them the royal treatment with a satin or velvet lined tray.
  1. Need help convincing patients to buy activity based glasses? Try creating small activity tokens to add to a patient’s tray. Label these tokens; computer, skiing, billiards, reading in bed PALS wearer, etc. Before a patient goes in to see the doctor, ask about their daily and recreational activities. If they mention an activity that requires an extra pair of glasses, put the corresponding token in their display tray! Doctors can help by adding tokens to the tray during the exam too. After the patient’s exam the dispenser will have a clear visual aid to show patients why they need three pairs glasses and not just one.
  1. Advocate for the sale of four different pairs of glasses. This will increase the likelihood that the patient will buy at least two pairs of eyewear. Want to push for three sales? Try offering the third pair at a greater discount than the second pair.

Quick Display Tips!

  • For a quick update to your clinic’s look, hire a lighting consultant. Lighting can make or break a store.
  • If you’re renovating your office try a side-to-side dispensing and advice table versus face to face to create a more intimate setting.
  • Install an aquarium in your dispensary to show how great polarized lenses work on the water.